Monday, October 8, 2007

How I Fell On My Sword for Jesus...And Missed! The Gordon Klingenschmitt Story

Proudly Brought to You by: Sanctimonious Productions

The True Story of How a Real American Fraud Bombed Out of the Navy!

The Rise & Fall of Gordon Klingenschmitt!
Starring Former Air Force Missile Officer, Defrocked Navy Chaplain, and Federally Convicted Criminal--Gordon Klingenschmitt (as Himself)


San Dog Sailor said...

This is great! I can't wait for it to hit DVD.

dc rev said...

I like what you are doing with this blog. It is really funny stuff. Too bad that the material for the humor was completely preventable. What is it you military people say--a self-inflicted wound? It is sad that Klingenschmitt just couldn't get along with people. That is the true story here, not persecution. Gordon Klingenschmitt just can't get along with anyone and then he blames it all on satan! I do like what you are doing on this blog, keep it up. It is always good to look at the lighter side of life.

Navy Priest in Iraq said...

I just found this blog. It is amazing at how dishonest this Klingenschmitt fellow has become. I remember him from the Chaplain's Basic Course. He had an agenda that was apparent even back then. He was a VERY difficult individual to say the least. It is sad that he has allowed himself to be used as a pawn by the extreme right in our nation. Personally, I am a conservative. However, after looking at the shrill antics of Gordon and his ultra-conservative nut-job friends, it makes me wonder. I thought that my fellow conservatives were interested in the truth. Evidently, there are many on the far right who will just as easily dispense with the truth as the far left. Gordon did not get court martialed for praying. He got court martialed for appearing at the anti-Navy rally in his Navy uniform! To say otherwise, is a complete lie. Gordon's problem is that Gordon is never satisfied unless he has someone with whom to fight. Never mind that no one was fighting with Gordon over praying in Jesus' Name. Gordon was going to fight nevertheless. His whole problem was that he was not very well formed spiritually. He was not comfortable in his new-found role as an Evangelical Episcopal minister (priest?). He never was a parish priest or a pastor of any kind. He was poorly prepared to minister to Sailors. I believe that he counted writing his self-published book and his internet webpage as a substitute for parish ministry. Why the Navy waived the mandatory two-year pastoral experience for him is a mystery. I'll bet that the Navy won't do that again.

Navy Priest in Iraq said...

How about the following suggested book titles?

Will Rogers Never Met Gordon Klingenschmitt (ok, it isn't completely original, but it does hit the mark)

How about this one?

Gordon Klinenschmitt Never Met A Man He Didn't Want To Fight With

Anonymous said...

I just completed a combat tour in Iraq. I can't believe how much of a liar this K is. You are right. He is a Real American Fraud.